“Housewife” A Mysterious Power

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

It is a housewife, who makes our shelter to home. If there is no housewife in a house than this is only the structure of pillars with cement and concrete.

She welcomes guests, friends and our comrades at home as much as possible. She considers the guest of the house to be God. She never considers them a burden. Everyone can feel it when he is alone.

She is a master at making a household budget, even if she is illiterate. Today's housewives have also become working. They perform the responsibility of both home and office very well. They are praised by their simple and settled behavior at offices.

Even in this busy life, she never leave his house work behind. As we know she is tired but still smiling, but if we suffer from cold then she takes the roof on head. More...

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