Hey! Someone is Waiting for You at Home

"Speed thrills but kills" this saying came to my life and taught me a great lesson. This was Jul 2006, when I was at Guwahati. It was a holiday, four of my friends came to me and proposed to have lunch together.

We visited the local market, purchased vegetables, condiments and other necessary commodities for the lunch and came back to my house. We started preparing lunch and had it together. Everything was very nice. We were enjoying our holiday.

After lunch we had some gossip, laughter and jokes. Then we went outside the house to visit a nearby tea garden. We were all happy for the event. We could not guess how the two hours passed. Then my friends asked me to return as their residence was nearby. I urged them to leave them at their house.

When we reached their residence, a friend of ours was waiting for us. He asked me to come to the market with him. I refused but they all forced me to sit behind him on a motor cycle. He began to accelerate and, after driving a kilometer, with no control over driving, he hit a motorcycle with a dog. I jumped from the bike and fell about a hundred meters away. In this incident, the bones of my arms and legs were broken. More...

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