Dreams Come True by Determination, and Hard Work

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

Hard work is a situation in which a person resolves to achieve a desired result. He decides to achieve some goal, plans according to the goal, then works on it regularly and it is generally seen that people achieve their desired results.

When I was entered to class 7, I had seen three lines written on the walls of the classroom. That are “Determination”, “Strong intention” and “Hard Work”. I was very impressed with these lines. I used to read this many times a day. Though it was memorized to me but I had a habit to read this without fail.

I had not only read this I had acted upon this. I had applied this in my life. As a result it not only helped me in my education but also in other fields of life. In first three months I had become the first in my class besides working for my home. More...

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